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The smile is the center of our expression. Choosing the right dentist is an important task. We’ve designed our web site to make your decision easier. Our primary concern is to make you feel confident and comfortable. Dr. Vora & his team are ready to give you and your family the quality dental care you deserve. At Dr. Vora’s Dental Care Centre, there is marriage of art & science, we walk that extra mile to make sure your treatment experience with us is almost pain free.by combining years of professional experience together with the latest technology, treatment approaches and techniques.

Dr. Hiralal Vora was the pioneer in starting specialty dental clinic with the single chair in Mulund, way back in 1975. Presently we have 2000 sq. Feet clinic with 5 individualized Dental Operatories and is regarded as one of the best dental office in the central suburb.

Our goal is to provide each and every patient with an incredible experience under enjoyable and caring environment that far exceeds his/her expectations of what a dental practice is like.

We strive to make our dental practice unique by providing outstanding clinical skills, exceptional patient service, leading edge dental technology, materials and equipment and all within an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and relaxed. The goal of our enthusiastic and dedicated staff is to create extremely satisfied patients with wonderful smiles and excellent bites. What we believe is that a beautiful smile can brighten your life and those strong teeth and gums are essential to your overall good health.

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Why Choose Us?

Advantages of Dental Treatment at Dr. Vora’s Dental Care
    • In Dental Health care service since 1975.
    • All kind of Dental treatment under one roof.
    • Highest level of sterilization maintained for patient’s Safety.
    • Latest State of the art Dental Equipment and materials
    • Computerized Medical & Dental Record maintenance.
    • Audio Visual Oral Health Education.
    • Multi-Linguistic Friendly Clinic Staff.
    • Patients treated on appointment basis.
    • Credit Cards accepted for payments.
    • Clinic open on Sundays
Smile Makeovers

  • Before-Missing Teeth
    After-Missing Teeth
    BeforeMissing TeethAfter
  • Before-Gaps between teeth
    After-Gaps between teeth
    BeforeGaps between teethAfter
  • Before-Overlapping Teeth
    After-Overlapping Teeth
    BeforeOverlapping TeethAfter
  • Before-Spaces Between Teeth
    After-Spaces Between Teeth
    BeforeSpaces Between TeethAfter
  • Before-Irregular Teeth (Crowded)
    After-Irregular Teeth (Crowded)
    BeforeIrregular Teeth (Crowded)After
  • Before-Upper Teeth Not Seen
    After-Upper Teeth Not Seen
    BeforeUpper Teeth Not SeenAfter
  • Before-Missing Canine Tooth
    After-Missing Canine Tooth
    BeforeMissing Canine ToothAfter
  • Before-Severe Protruding Teeth
    After-Severe Protruding Teeth
    BeforeSevere Protruding TeethAfter
  • Before-Irregular and Decyed Teeth
    After-Irregular and Decyed Teeth
    BeforeIrregular and Decyed TeethAfter
  • Before-Irregular Teeth
    After-Irregular Teeth
    BeforeIrregular TeethAfter
  • Before-Over Lapping Left Canine
    After-Over Lapping Left Canine
    BeforeOver Lapping Left CanineAfter
  • Before-Highly Placed Canines
    After-Highly Placed Canines
    BeforeHighly Placed CaninesAfter
  • Before-Croocked Teeth
    After-Croocked Teeth
    BeforeCroocked TeethAfter

What Other Says?

Testimonial by Carron Picardo
22 April 2016
A word of appreciation from a happy patient.
Dr. Vora's Dental Care We Treat We Care, Since 1975

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