All about MILK TEETH.

Milk teeth play an important role in the alignment and spacing of permanent teeth. They support the upper and lower jaws vis-à-vis each other. Constant chewing with deciduous dentition is an essential prerequisite for the correct development of the jaws. If milk teeth are lost too early on, the position of the other teeth may be affected, which is why it is important that milk teeth should remain intact until they are replaced by permanent teeth naturally.

Milk teeth are like babies – they need special care. And special protection, because the enamel of milk teeth and new permanent teeth is still soft and not yet fully mature.

Eruption sequence of milk teeth.

Teeth SpacingEruption SequenceThis spacing between the milk teeth from around 3-6 years is normal as they provide space when bigger permanent teeth erupt.

Permanent Teeth

Eruption of Permanent Teeth

Sometimes the primary teeth are called temporary teeth because they fall out to make way for the permanent teeth. This process starts at the age of 6 approximately and continues until all the milk teeth have been replaced by the permanent teeth at approximately age 12.(it can vary by 1 year earlier or later and generally Girls get teeth faster than boys )

 permanentPicture of child’s oral cavity at the age 7-8 years

How do permanent teeth erupt?

how do permanent teeth erupt

  1. Initially a primary tooth has a long root.
  2. As the permanent tooth begins to erupt thee root of the primary tooth dissolves.
  3. When a primary tooth is shed it is interesting to note that the tooth has practically no root left. This is the reason why the tooth becomes loose and is shed.

Permanant teeth

Central incisors 7-8 years
Lateral incisors 8-9 years
Canine (cuspids) 11-12 years
First bicuspids 10-11 years
Second bicuspids 10-12 years
First molars 6-7 years
Second molars 12-13 years
Third molars 17-21 years
Third molars 17-21 years
Second molars 11-13 years
First molars 6-7 years
Second bicuspids 11-12 years
First bicuspids 10-12 years
Canine (cuspids) 9-10 years
Lateral incisors 7-8 years
Central incisors 6-7 years
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