How to take care of your braced teeth

With or without braces, you should brush your teeth two to three times a day, especially after eating, floss daily and stay away from sugary foods in order to avoid tooth decay.

But those with braces need to “practice not good but exceptional oral hygiene,”

“Braces don’t cause cavities, but not brushing can,”

Because braces can collect food and plaque, you need to be extra careful about keeping your teeth clean.

brushing with bracesNot looking after your teeth may permanently damage your teeth. You must follow instructions on home care to avoid:

  • Stains
  • White spots and cavities
  • Gum disease and red bleeding gums
  • Brushing Properly
  • Your tooth brush should have a small head and soft bristles.
  • Brush in the morning and after dinner before going to bed.
  • Brush thoroughly, at least 2 minutes.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste.
  • Brush from above and below the brackets and wires, in a circular motion , toth by tooth ,at an angle.

Orthodontic Brushing Procedure

Proxa brush for braces

When: 2 times per day and rinse after each meal.
With: A soft-bristle Orthodontic toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

Use a brush with a small amount of toothpaste. Use circular motions around the gum lines and the surfaces of your teeth, 10 Seconds on each tooth. At an angle, work bristles of brush over, under and past the wire that runs From one tooth to another. Then brush the chewing surfaces of your teeth and brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth as well. Rinse thoroughly.

one can use Proxa wide space brush for cleaning tooth surfaces behind braces ( seen in the picture) not easily accessible with routine brushing .


. . . The space between the bands or brackets and the gums!

Orthodontic Flossing Procedures

braces floss

When: At least 3 times a week
With: Dental floss and floss threader.

Insert floss into threader. Place threader between gums or under the wire. Floss using an up and down motion along the teeth. When you are finished look in the mirror to be sure your teeth and braces are shiny and your gums are firm. If your gums are sore and/or bleeding, rinse them with salt water. These problems will quickly disappear with proper oral hygiene.

Additional Aides to Keep Your Teeth Clean & Healthy

  • Water jet spray (Ora-care water jet)
  • A fluoride mouth rinse for extra protection
  • Always use floridated tooth paste
  • Go for professional fluoride application before and during treatment.(especially in high risk patients)
  • Proxabrush- This brush is a cleaning tool designed to remove plaque and food debris between your teeth & braces.  
 Interdental Proxa brush for braces

How to use:

  • Get the brush wet and insert it into the spaces that are between each tooth & braces
  • Move the brush in and out several times in each space
  • Thoroughly clean the brush after each use and let it air dry
  • Remember to throw away the brush when the filaments become loose

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