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As introduced to Dr. Darshan Vora through BNI, and that was enough for me to trust him with my Sons requirement of his Dental fixing. He attended us personally, and got his brother, Dr. Naman Vora to look after the treatment. Every engagement with Dr. Naman Vora has been more than a patient Doctor relationship, the entire treatment has been hugely satisfying and he made everything very comfortable for my Son. I greatly recommend Dr. Vora for his expertise which renders him indubitable and… above all the comfort, he gives to his patients is just great. Wishing you great success Dr Vora, for your enterprise and personal touch.

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Rekha Singh
Artist & Founder of - Sandalwood Lines

When my Sister-in-law, Snigdha, discussed the dental problem of her son, Aryan, she was very worried. Not only because his teeth were in bad shape and Aryan was just four years old, but he was also an absolute brat. Once they had taken him to their local dentist & within five minutes he started to play around with all the gadgets on the Dentist’s chair. That dentist told her to get treatment for Aryan from a child specialist. And who is better Doctor than Darshan Vora in such cases? I assured my Sister-in law that Darshan will carry out the treatment very smoothly. I immediately took him to Dr. Vora’s Dental Care. And to my surprise Aryan was transformed into a gentle child once he sat in the chair. The treatment which was carried over for 3 months was smoothly carried out. And as result of this even my second Sister-in-law took her son Sharvil to get treated at Dr. Vora’s Dental Care. At Dr. Vora’s Dental Care you get best of the treatment, and Dr. Darshan takes personal care in all the cases we refer to him. I wish Darshan best of luck for his further ventures.

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Mr. Kundan Save
Architect & Interior Designer Pvt. Ltd.

I would take this opportunity to appreciate Dr. Darshan Vora tor the service and advice that he have given to me. I cant forget the unbearable pain, which I was going through for more than a month when I was at Campala ( UGANDA). I went to the local dentist at Ghatkopar near to my residence who advised me to go for surgery to surgeon which will cost around 10 to 20 Grands. and where I need to take rest of 8 to 10 days , which no doubt would have effected my complete schedule. On this hard time of my life I got a call from my uncle Mr Bipin with whom I shared the problems I was going through , he immediately asked me to come Mulund where he took me to Dr Darshan Vora who was like a Angel to me at that difficult time. Dr Darshan Vora immediately checked my teeth and removed the first teeth without any pain and on the very next day another teeth was also removed . It was surprise for me that just with in two days I was fine. This all happened in short time, in limited expense just because of Dr. Darshan Vora whose excellent decision, power,knowledge and best equipment’s in his clinic. I once again thank him for the same and wish him the best for a bright future. With Best Regards,

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Mrs. Jagruti Bhavin Modi
Campala (Uganda)
Dr. Vora's Dental Care We Treat We Care, Since 1975

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