Esthetics: Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth! No one will ever know that you have an artificial tooth.

Tooth saving: Tooth-supported fixed bridge requires the adjacent teeth to be cut/drilled to smaller size to support the dental bridge, which may lead to sensitivity to cold and hot in future. In Implants, adjacent teeth are preserved as it is.

Preserves natural bone: As a dental implant will replace your tooth root, the bone is preserved better. With a bridge, some of the bone that was previously surrounding the missing/replaced tooth begins to resorb (deteriorate). Dental implants integrate with your jawbone, helping to keep the bone healthy and intact.

Confidence: Dental implants will allow you to once again speak and eat with comfort and confidence! They’ll allow you to say goodbye to worries about loose dentures and messy denture adhesives.

Eat whatever you like: Dental implants allow you to eat your favourite food again! Sounds great, doesn't it! You can taste and enjoy the food you love by biting naturally, and you can eat anything you want with dental implants. Unlike removable dentures that can feel uncomfortable and may compromise the taste, you can experience the full taste of the food that you eat with dental implants.

Reliable: The success rate of dental implants is highly predictable. They are considered an excellent option for tooth replacement.

Dental implants keep your teeth in your mouth – not in a cup like dentures!


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