Orthognathic surgery / Cosmetic jaw surgery

Jaws that don’t fit together properly are not only an esthetic problem but also medical problem sometime in case of short and backwardly positioned lower jaw (as seen in picture). In addition to causing difficulty in biting and chewing, these “bad bites” may make you self-conscious about your smile and overall appearance. S ome bad bites can be resolved through orthodontic treatment but some problems like a gummy smile, protruding teeth, a short chin, an overly long or short face, narrow or broad faces, or even a less-than-perfect smile can be corrected using this facial cosmetic procedure. Orthognathic surgery is specially tailored to individual patients, and completely changes the facial shape, correcting anomalies.

Jaw Surgery

How our surgeon does the procedure?

Type of procedure: Done from inside the mouth (No scar outside)

Time duration for procedure: 2-3 hrs.

Hospital stay: Generally 2-4 days.

Swelling: Mild-Moderate, 80% of which gets reduced in 3-4 weeks time post surgery.

Pain: Minimal - Mild

This cosmetic surgical procedure repositions the upper and lower jaws of the patient along the teeth-bearing segments to achieve a harmonious relation. This not only optimizes biting efficiency, but also improves facial aesthetics, enabling an individual to lead a healthy psychosocial life.

Most trained surgeons take up to 7 hours to do this procedure. But our surgeon Dr. Shetty has experience of more than 2000 surgeries, and he has devised a unique technique to achieve exceptional and guaranteed results within a shortest surgical time of two to three hours.

Benefit of shorter surgery time
    Reduces complications
    Reduces swelling and discomfort
    Makes the hospital stay more pleasent
    Ensures faster recovery

The planning for this surgery is carried out in great detail. Using the concept of ‘Golden Proportions’ (the ratio of beauty in the universe), the ratios, angles and linear measurements of the face are customized for a person’s specific body type. Then using precise surgical techniques, the structural framework of the face is altered to achieve the planned result. Special care is taken to achieving an angular face with sharper features, thus giving a chiseled impression.

Chin correction (Genioplasty)

Jaw Surgery

This is a short and simple cosmetic facial surgery carried out to define chin lines and angles, creating better angles between the chin and lower lip and harmonizing the lower part of the face to be commensurate with the rest of the face. Double chin or under skin correction, or addition of a chin dimple (or cleft) are achieved in this procedure.

Who should undergo this procedure?

Genioplasty or Chin correction is a relatively simple procedure and can show some astonishing yet subtle changes when done well.

    Types of procedure:done from inside the month (No scar outside)
    Time duration for procedure: 1/2 to 1 hr.
    Swelling: Mild
    Pain: Mild

How we do the procedure?

In this procedure we use a combination of techniques unique to us to bring beauty. Our surgeon uses patient’s own chin bone to alter the shape of the chin thus maintaining a perfectly natural look. We are also able to correct the protruded and everted lower lip seen in some patients giving a better smile and achieving a cosmetic chin – lip curve. There are absolutely NO external scars in this procedure.


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