Kids dental treatment

Which filings are generally preferred in children?

The type of fillings placed on milk teeth is decided by the extent and location of the decay. Generally, Composite resin cement or Glass Ionomer cement (GIC) are preferred. If the decay is very extensive, we prefer to give a full coverage i.e. crown / cap.

Why to treat a milk tooth if it is eventually going to fall out?

The reasons for treating caries in the milk tooth is to prevent the spread of the infection, maintain space and mainly relieve pain while chewing. Therefore, proper management through the removal of dental caries and placing appropriate filling or cap is very important.

Is root canal treatment really necessary in children’s milk teeth?

Milk teeth have the same functions as adult teeth — and a missing tooth at any age can cause problems with speech and eating. Milk teeth also have another important role: They serve as guides and space for the proper placement of the permanent teeth. Without milk teeth to guide them in, permanent teeth tend to come out in a crooked fashion, often becoming tilted. This can result in bite problems that may require long braces treatment later. Hence saving a tooth is always the best.