Myths & Facts

Braces Are Expensive
Fact 1

You can consider orthodontic treatment a sound investment. Crowded teeth can contribute to hygiene and periodontal problems. Poor bites can cause pain and wearing down of teeth and pain. These problems can be costly and more time consuming than orthodontic treatment. An investment in a healthy smile will last you a lifetime.

I am too old for Braces
Fact 2

Today there are several different kinds of braces which can be used to help achieve a healthy new smile for you. The most commonly seen are the Metal Brackets. There are ceramic/ crystal (or tooth colored) brackets that are barely noticeable. Lingual ( Invisible) Appliances which are attached to the back side of the teeth are an option for some. Also now a days we offer Aligners which are newer way to correct teeth alignment without Braces.

My child is too young
Fact 3

We recommend that children be seen by our orthodontist at the age of 7. The growth and development of a child’s dentition should be monitored and some future problems may be eliminated by early detection and treatment.

Braces Looks Unproffesional
Fact 4

Braces used to look like a mouth full of metal but things have changed! Now there are ceramic / Crystal braces that are the same color as your teeth and if you don’t like how braces look at all, you can even choose lingual orthodontics or aligner ( transparent plastic sheet) so no one knows you’re wearing them!

Brace Will Ruin My Teeth
Fact 5

We will teach you how to keep your teeth clean and healthy with braces. Braces have changed over the years. Brackets are much smaller and it is easier to brush the surfaces of your teeth and to floss between the teeth. With regular good hygiene practices, your teeth will be beautiful when your braces come off.

Braces Hurts
Fact 6

Good news! The pain that people used to feel in the old days of orthodontics is not really a problem anymore. Oh sure, there’s a little discomfort every now and then, but basically orthodontics is somewhat painless. Most people experience little pain or soreness for a day or two after having an adjustment. Actually, it’s like the feeling in your muscles after you first start working out at a gym. We use the latest leading-edge technology and materials in our practice; things like smaller brackets and softer, kinder, Titanium wires that adjust with the heat of your body. There’s really no reason to worry about pain.

I'll Have To Wear Them Too Long?
Fact 7

The problems, needs and demands of each patient are unique. Therefore, the length and type of treatment can only be determined after thorough evaluation. Orthodontic treatment time ranges from 3 to 24 months. You might be surprised how short your treatment time might be, depending upon kind of teeth bite problem you have.

Thumb Sucking Need Not Be Intervened?
Fact 8

Thumb sucking is a normal infant habit, which makes the child feel secure and happy until the age of 3 years. However, if the habit persists beyond this age it can lead to forward displacement of the teeth along with spacing. So in such cases, intervention is required to stop this habit.

Removal Of Teeth For Braces Treatment Affect Vision?
Fact 9

The nerve supply to teeth and eye is entirely different and they are not related. There is a misconception among people that removal of teeth affects vision. Vision is not affected in any way by undergoing orthodontic treatment with extractions.

Orthodontic Treatment Should Be Done Only After Growth is Complete
Fact 10

In the majority of cases, the best time to treat by orthodontic means is when the patient is actively growing which corresponds to their early adolescent years (7 to 11). During this period, the jaws show profound changes which can be utilized for correcting improper relationship of the jaws in relation to face. This which reduces the severity of the problem, adds psychological benefit to the patient, eliminates extensive surgical procedures that might be needed at a later date, and also aids in the stability of the results.