A letter to parents

Dear parent,

We invite you to partner us in developing a positive and proactive attitude towards dental health of your child.

Children who have pleasant dental appointments when they are very young are likely to have a favorable outlook towards dental care throughout life. The initial appointments are very important in their attitude formation and looking at this procedure in a positive way rather than punishment. Never tell your child that the doctor will give you injection if you misbehave or things like we will have to remove your tooth, this will develop an imaginative picture in their mind, which will reflect their behavior on the dental chair.

Here, at Dr. Vora’s Dental Care we believe in slow treatment for the kids. One tooth at a time is treated as your child gets time to gain confidence in the doctor as an when the treatment progresses. We may not treat you in the first appointment as we aim at making the child environment friendly rather than scaring him/her. All this is decided after judging your child’s behavior since the time he enters the clinic.

As parents you can be instrumental in encouraging a positive attitude in your child towards dental care. We can understand your appreciation in the initial visits, but please do not let your child sense your anxiety. Trust us as we shall suggest and provide the best treatment for you kid.

Your co- operation will go a long way in your child enjoying a pleasant and successful dental experience.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Vora's Dental Care.

Why are milk teeth important?

Humans have two sets of teeth, primary and permanent.

The primary teeth are most important for your child as they determine your child’s overall health .Milk teeth help your child to chew food , look good and speak well .Also, they guide the permanent teeth to come correctly in the oral cavity

Avoiding dental treatment for your children will affect your child’s overall health as his chewing efficacy will be compromised so he may not eat properly. Also it can reduce the moral of your child as he / she may be teased by his / her friends

Hence, get your child for dental visits and lay foundation for their good smile.

How can you protect your child’s teeth?

The preventive dental needs of every child vary depending on the family’s dietary habits, oral hygiene habits , tendency to develop cavities , etc , etc.

We work with you to devise a customized preventive dental program for your child
This will consist of -

  1. A good oral hygiene regime.
  2. Fluoride gel/ Varnish application
  3. Dietry modifications.
  4. Regular dental visits.

We will give you a chart every week which will help you to regulate your child’s diet and oral hygiene. Child should be rewarded in stars in the sheet every week and they will receive a gift from us according to their performance.

Hence, you should rate your child genuinely to inculcate good habits and in return receive good rewards.

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For any quires related to treatment, contact Dr. Shraddha Bhanushali at the reception.